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Powerful Play Experiences is the only Alberta based Workshops & Events business that believes Fun At Work, plus Building A Culture of Highly Engaged & Happy Teams IS the #1 cost effective strategy that consistently results in positive workplace mental health… for teams! Lead from a position of courage to do things differently. Now, more than ever, a mentally healthy workplace matters.

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Personalized Workshop Experience
3 Steps!
Step 1: Let's talk about what real, transformative results mean for you

It all begins with articulating the desired results that you want from your workshop experience; your “take –away.”

Together, you and I will meet and plan an awesome workshop experience around that “take-away.”

To best get us started, here’s a Short List of Topics. Are these the only Topics? Of course not!

Contact me. Let’s discuss your particular situation.

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  • Special Events FOR ALL OCCASIONS
  • Team Development & Team Success
  • Personality Type Profiling & Respect For Differences
  • Kindness In The Workplace Matters
  • We All Can Use More Fun At Work Mental Health Break
Step 2: Click "Let's Chat"

They say that everything starts with a conversation.

And because all teams ( and their challenges ) are different, you and I need to fully customize your next team building event, staff retreat, conference, seminar, business meeting, lunch ‘n learn, and more.

Click “Let’s Chat.” Complete the very simple on-line form provided for you. I’ll get back to you on the same day. This is what you can expect from Powerful Play Experiences.

Step 3: Your Take Away

Everyone comes together and puts the subject matter on the table. They play with it, get comfortable with it and generate new ideas and team solutions.

Everyone walks away with a high “Stickability Factor” – they remember and apply what they learned – they had fun and they own the results.


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Teams Are Stretched & Teams Are Challenged!

Let’s be real! We all know that teams are stretched and teams are challenged in today’s ever busy, always stressful world of work. Increasing demands continue to multiply at a rate faster than teams can cope with.

It’s no wonder that this results in unnecessary frustrations, ongoing communication breakdowns, and a work environment where everyone feels like their mental health is under siege.

Powerful Play Experiences, Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams is really all about workplace teams making it their priority to re-group and re-energize through a much needed series of fun at work, workshop experiences. The goal? To re-focus everyone’s mindset on doing things differently and better position the team members in their relationships together while getting the work done.

Check out the amazing videos on this page that showcase workshop experiences unlike any other!

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Working Collectively Together

With today’s heightened pressure for everyone to work longer hours, produce more, and in many situations with less resources, it’s easy for team members to lose their way and cause harm to one another’s working relationships and mental well-being.
Therefore, workshop experiences are creatively designed to recapture your team’s best ways of working together. The expectation? When You Change Yourself…When You Change Your Situation…You Affect and Impact Everyone Around You Positively. Have you clicked on the video? See one great example of what we are talking about.
Commit to new team practices, inspire forward thinking, and re-imagine new possibilities. Whether it’s team building or team bonding, Leaders dedicated to addressing all unnecessary frustrations and ongoing communication breakdowns are taking bold steps to build a stronger, healthier and happier workplace environment. 

This is Positive Workplace Mental Health...For Teams!

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Powerful Play Experiences creates personalized workshop experiences for all budgets and team sizes! Schedule a free consultation to find out how we can support your team.

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