Powerful Play Experiences is in the business of "FUN AT WORK!!" This defines our Edmonton team building business. We use cooperative play as our innovative and creative, leading edge tool and deliver powerful employee engagement workshops, open lines of communication, manage staff stressors, and improve staff relations.

“Robert, it's a tough job but you do make it look so easy. Outstanding. I had an opportunity to meet and interact with people I had previously never had an opportunity to talk with. Good to have a break from work. You make us laugh, move, and share. Kept me up and happy.”
Catholic Social Services
Staff Development Day
“Great meeting. Very clear picture of what we all will be driving through our departments. A unique, fun approach to helping us look at our challenges and opportunities differently. Certainly engaging. Like how you involve everyone. Repeat, repeat to ensure we get it. Thank you for starting us on a new journey in a fun way.”
Delta Edmonton South
Management Team Building
“Very inspiring. Different, yet unique. Better than I expected. Integrated playful activities and energy into a meaningful process. Created actionable steps and a sense of possibility and energy. Got some great ideas for beyond today. Great job. Will refer.”
Ideal Protein
Team Day
“Thank you for a day full of activities and seeds planted to make a positive difference at our workplace. Value based day that challenged us to address our behaviours, values, how we treat others at work. Taking people out of their comfort zone is a good exercise. Nice to see that fun can be incorporated into work and still maintain professionalism.”
Alberta Government, Human Services
Staff Workshop Lethbridge, Alberta
“Your session was more than just playing and having the funnest time of my life. It made me think and re-evaluate my life. Not only was my body energized and used to the most capacity, my mind was rejuvenated and thinking clear. Thank you so much for the fun and light bulb moment that day.”
Alberta Community and Co-operative Association
Youth Program Staff Planning
“Awesome job! Sure gave great ideas for teamwork in a fun atmosphere. And gave lots of ideas how our local can grow with strength. Your workshop was very motivating and brought out the best in everyone. I enjoyed the opportunity to hear and see ideas from so many people. Would recommend this session to others.”
AUPE Local 54
Council Reps. Team Building
“Those delegates who participated in Powerful Play Experiences got the additional benefits of remembering how fun it is to laugh and play - something that we should all do a bit more of. I did enjoy the games and really see the benefits of team building. It brought me back to thinking outside the box, and demonstrate that play is a fun way to learn and get to know others.”
Annual Conference
“Robert, you did a fantastic job! Everyone enjoyed the day. I have been to many of these types of “days” and today was the best! You had high energy, a fast pace, we learned a lot about each other and you are a fantastic facilitator. Everything I heard from others was also great. Thank you so much.”
Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre
Staff Retreat
“Robert, it's a tough job but you do make it look so easy. Outstanding. I had an opportunity to meet and interact with people I had previously never had an opportunity to talk with. Good to have a break from work. You make us laugh, move, and share. Kept me up and happy.”
Catholic Social Services
Staff Development Day
“Excellent demonstration of how we can combine work with play, be more productive and happy. I'm amazed that you could so totally involve and engage so many people and get them to play so hard, so quickly. I also loved the activities and the chance to be creative. Great learning experience and great for meeting people.”
Toastmasters District 42
Fall Conference
“The power of playfulness draws people together. A great opportunity to get to know one another in a fun and creative way. Thanks for leading us. Had a great time. Awakened my creativity. Reminded me to lighten up. We look forward to seeing you at all our team meetings as a team member.”
Send Out Cards
First Ever Team Meeting
"It was team building. Everyone participated in a relaxed atmosphere. Team building is important to us due to the many personality types we have in our office. Thanks for taking me outside my comfort zone."
Staff Retreat
“Your exuburance was enlightening and motivating. Very interactive. Very energetic. Kept everyone's attention. Learned a lot about each other in a short period of time. Can take the value of play back to work. Fun experience. Thanks for the awesome time. Thanks for making play safe.”
Agrium, Redwater and Fort Saskatchewan Fertilizer Operations
Staff Retreat
“Had a great time. Great job getting the group to mix and interact. A great way to bring out the fun in a team. It was fun to act silly with co-workers. It was an easy way to learn about them. Liked stretching myself outside the box. Thanks for helping us have a wonderful time with our colleagues.”
WCB Corporate Learning
Staff Workshop
“What a great stress relief. This session tantalized the child within right from the get go with the colourful displays and playful atmosphere. You had to make the mental decision to let yourself go and get into the games and activities...without reserve. I came out feeling relaxed and, more importantly, reminded of the value of incorporating fun and humor in our daily work activities.”
MacEwan University
Professional Development Day
“A great start to our year. It's going to be an especially busy and challenging one. You have given us a great reminder of how important “Team” is to us all. Everyone brings something different to the “pot.” I believe everything happens for a reason and this is what we needed to succeed this year. Thank you.”
David Ovans Elementary
Teachers and Staff School Start-Up Day
“Robert, Thank you for opening the door to a safe environment to play in. I really enjoyed the workshop with you and your energy. I reached my laugh quotient today. Shows we are able to have fun no matter what. A reminder that adults need to play more, have fun!”
Alberta Family Child Care Association
Child Care Consultant Conference Canmore, Alberta
“A fun and revealing session on team building. This proves we need more staff meetings to keep the group functioning as a team. Gave me a lot to think about. I will be attempting to encourage everyone that I work with to implement what we learned. Great job. Much more effective than I had expected.”
Displayco Canada Inc.
Team Building Workshop
“I came away feeling great. Robert did a fabulous job! He had an activity to keep us going the whole time. There wasn't a single point when I was thinking I hope this is over soon. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their workplace environment or just plain have fun.”
Military Family Resource Centre
Team Building Workshop Wainwright, Alberta
“Quite the high energy production! Took me so far away from my comfort zone. I'm not sure I can find my way back. And I'm ok with that. I've never attended a session quite like this one. Broke the laugh barrier several times. What we wanted and what we needed.”
Revera Region 9
Continuing Care Seminar
“Great positive way to start the year! Thank you for a fun morning. Being on a team with all new members, I think this was a great way to help us bond a bit before we begin our school year. Helped to get groups communicating. Very good use of props/materials. You have great energy! Can you come to all our staff meetings.”
ABC Headstart
Staff Meeting
“Wonderful presentation. Super energy. My heart is pumping hard. Thank you for adding lots of positivity to our day. Good reminder to keep it all upbeat. Wish you worked in my office. Made me aware of how serious and uptight I've become. Time to make more time for play. Uplifting.”
Bonnyville, Cold Lake & St. Paul Victim Services
Regional Victim Services Conference
“Rob, it's been an uplifting experience to “Play” with you today. It was a good mix of “New Stuff” without fear of embarrassment. I think you've done a great job for us as we're a little richer as a group from your efforts. Keep Wavin' and Stompin' and Playing!”
Alberta Government, Advanced Education and Technology
Wellness Day
“Superb workshop. Inspirational. Fun. Imaginative. Very high spirited and the energy was contagious. What a great way to start a conference. I'm very happy that I came to play today.”
Alberta Aboriginal Head Start
Regional Training Event
“Fantastic! We all had fun and the workshop definitely increased our knowledge of each other. Helped to breakdown barriers. You really make it easy for people to feel comfortable. Loved the creative part of the games.”
Mayfield Inn & Suites
Leadership Development
“Thanks for the creativity and the chance to share. This was a great day and a great way to get to know each other more. Drew everyone together. Really enjoyed the workshop. Had a lot of fun. You did a fantastic job. Brilliant presenter.”
St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Schools
Staff Retreat
“Laughter adds years to your life. Laugh lines are good. Frown lines aren't cool. Very engaging and interactive. Great reminder of how important it is to play at work. It reminded me how good it feels. Thank you for making the workshop fun. Liked the audience participation. Nice to leave with some fun ideas. And loved the positive and supportive environment to encourage “the quiet” to join in play!”
Alberta Health Services
Facility Living Forum
“Thank you for coming and spending the day with our association. I didn't think I'd have as much fun as I did. I was happy to see the participation and interactions of all staff, at all levels. Lots of great ideas that will be incorporated into our office for team building. Invaluable experience.”
Alberta Construction Safety Association
Staff Retreat
“I love play and I think that play is the future of creativity, and I think it is wonderful that you are bringing play into the world in a greater way. Fun is always overlooked as we get older. People often lose themselves to the mundane. Tonight broke that mold.”
MacEwan University
Professional Writing Class
“Great energy! I'm amazed that you could so totally involve and engage so many people (120 conference delegates) and get them to work so hard, so quickly and with so much fun. Excellent demonstration of how we can combine work with play, be more productive and happy! Creative interactions.”
Annual Toastmasters Conference
Toastmasters Leadership Institute 2011
“Great meeting. Very clear picture of what we all will be driving through our departments. A unique, fun approach to helping us look at our challenges and opportunities differently. Certainly engaging. Like how you involve everyone. Repeat, repeat to ensure we get it. Thank you for starting us on a new journey in a fun way.”
Delta Edmonton South
Management Team Building
“I enjoyed it a lot. It was excellent to attend a different training. Worth coming to the conference just for this. I was hesitant walking in but I have to admit I feel good. Thank you. It was fun. Much better than a lecture. Awesome. Wonderful stuff. Good energy and movement.”
Alberta College of Social Workers
Annual Conference
“Excellent presenter. Enjoyed the workshop. Good team building and good to get out of our comfort zone because we need to at different times at our workplace. You did a wonderful job of bringing energy into a room of women and allowing them to become part of a bigger team! You Rock!!”
Alberta Government, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Team Building Workshop
“New Games experiences were definitely outside the box. Loved interacting, especially the laughter and the different smiles. Great fun, great way to release stress. Positive energy created.”
Government of Alberta Human Services
Calgary Region Staff Development Days
“It was great spending time with co-workers. Sometimes we need to know our co-workers in a different way. We learned the value of being connected and that this helps to bring harmony in our daily work. This reinforced that the individual is only part of the whole.”
Wings of Providence
Staff Appreciation Workshop
“Thank you for forcing me to meet and talk with others. Unique experience. This was a lot of fun. Made a lot of great connections. Fabulous ideas and fun activities. You really understood the group. Appreciate the creativity. Forced us outside our comfort zone and helped us to grow. You Rock!”
Bossy Mama
Speed Networking Workshop
“Thank-you. It felt really good to laugh with the staff. We need reminders on how to integrate fun back into the school, not just the classroom. I really hope that there are positive changes. Excellent day of learning, connecting, reminding us of who we are meant to be. Enjoy!”
Pewasenakwan Primary School PD Day
Onion Lake, Saskatchewan Staff Team Building
“Had a blast! Incorporated everyone in all aspects of the workshop games and activities. Your energy is infectious and more of this is needed in the workplace. The experience was not only fun but outside the box. Helped bring the team together.”
Alberta Health Services
Team Building Workshop
“Thank you! You gave me and the team great information about ourselves. Your honesty was helpful and pure. I felt like you pushed us all enough, but not so much to upset anyone. Cards were great way to acknowledge one another and our own strengths. The banner is very inspirational. The posters were also good guidelines.”
McKernan Child Care Society
Team Building Workshop
“Robert, thank you for your energetic presentation! I enjoyed how you brought us together as a team and how you inspired us to think about our abilities, and encouraged us to come away with specific activities to continue to grow success. Lots of energy. Fun to see our co-workers being a bit “crazy” and laughing.”
Alberta Government, Infrastructure
Team Building
“This day was very positive, uplifting and motivational. It was great to learn more about each other, and this will allow us to work better together. Some great team building games. A good way to come together as a new team. A nice change to team building retreats."
Grande Prairie Regional College
Students' Association Retreat
“Had so much fun just relaxing and letting loose. Energetic and useful. Really liked the certificates that recognized people’s strengths. Excellent team building. Lots of fun! Lots of laughs! Play achieved the goal of creating a positive energy exchange, and resulted in everyone feeling more re-energized and re-freshed.”
Edmonton Catholic School Board
Social Workers PD Day
“Excellent! Very high energy. Enjoyable. I will walk away today with great knowledge on how to bring positives to my workplace and coworkers. Wonderful workshop. Nice to not have to merely sit all day. Lots of fun and creativity. Thank you for the day. Way to challenge the people who don't play well in the sand box.”
Corrections Services Canada
Administrative Staff Team Building
“Fabulous evening. Thanks for all the fun and laughs! High energy. Enjoyable. Happy experience. Provided fresh ideas that I can't wait to try with my sparks and classroom. Laughter adds years to your life. Tonight we all are living longer. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”
Girl Guides of Canada
Leader Training
“In such a competitive world, it's nice to play games that include everyone, are safe, and make you feel wonderful. And we should play every month. All work environments should experience the power of play. You are a high energy, fun, positive, and motivating guy. Really enjoyed this play session. Great way to spend the afternoon and get to know co-workers.”
Legal Aid Alberta
Staff Conference
“Thanks Rob. I had lots of fun today. Appreciated your enthusiasm and your ability to make things fun. I bonded with my coworkers today and I was left with a positive outlook on the work that I do. Effective. Enlightening. Very much needed. Good timing.”
Leduc County FCSS
March Mini Training
“Absolutely wonderful. Amazing energy. Made three hours go by so fast. I had 1,000,000 points of fun and feel like a kid. Ideas to inspire fun at work with my co-workers. You're an inspiration to follow your heart. Thank you for this day. Thank you for this gift.”
Alberta College of Social Workers
Annual Conference Calgary, Alberta
“Great participation, fun, enjoyable, it got my spirit up, and my mind at ease. I haven't laughed so loud, long and full for a long, long time. “Power of laugh.” What a wonderful, fulfilling day. Thank you so much!”
Kapown Rehabilitation Centre
Powerful Play Experiences for Staff and Clients
“Phenomenal energy! Great flow! Strong grouping and continuous re-grouping strategies. Would like to see an end of day loop-back and reinforce. Love that you avoided the individual intros. Intentional inner self sharing instead. Appreciated the pick me up. Good spirit and smiles take you a long way.”
MacEwan University
MSA Professional Development Committee
“Play is necessary in a corporate environment. Powerful Play Experiences challenged my everyday impressions of women in business, and to not take life so seriously. Learn how to connect through laughter and humor.”
3rd Annual Women's Business Blaster Conference
“I firmly believe in and endorse team building exercises. I saw a fun side of many people that I had never seen before. You kept everyone engaged. You drew out some of the more reserved people. You were one hyper little dude. I admire your energy. Thank you for facilitating a fun and engaging experience. Keep it real.”
Staff Appreciation and Team Building Workshop
“A wonderful way to remind ourselves to slow down, retain our playfulness. Not only do children benefit from play but adults require the fun approach to life. A valuable exercise in the power of play, fun, laughter and the power of the group process. Great way to share and play with our fellow staff members. Creative. Imaginative. Fun.”
North Edmonton Family Day Home Agency
Team Building Workshop
“Go Fun!! Thanks for the New Games. Rob did a great job of getting people out of their shells and energizing everyone. Extremely imaginative. Very uplifting and a reminder to not forget to have fun each day. Lots of laughs. Nice break. Lots of movement”
McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association
Staff Conference
“Very inspiring. Different, yet unique. Better than I expected. Integrated playful activities and energy into a meaningful process. Created actionable steps and a sense of possibility and energy. Got some great ideas for beyond today. Great job. Will refer.”
Ideal Protein
Team Day
“Great energy. Thanks for helping the team see if they focus their energy positively, the workplace can be much better. Very well facilitated. Engage well with participants. Thank you for keeping our ideas flowing through a variety of activities and for keeping us in a positive direction. Enjoyed the humor, bridging gaps and clearing the air!”
Staff Team Building
“We are moving forward in a positive way at work. The good vibes are happening and we are all working better as a team. Thanks for staying in touch. I appreciate it as I'm committed to becoming a positive team leader and influence in the club.”
Comic Strip West Edmonton Mall
Staff Appreciation and Team Building
“Thanks for coming out Rob. It was lots o' fun. A good break from work. Workplace needs more fun. This was the greatest workshop ever. Your energy & enthusiasm made my day. Great way to lighten the work day. Thanks for sharing your passion. We all needed this.”
Alberta Government, Human Services
Learn Over Lunch
“I went from tired and low energy to energized and full of laughter. Brought out everyone's free spirit. Powerful. Relaxing. Refreshing. Indoor sunshine. This was an enjoyable and fun evening. Thanks for all the fun. I had a blast “Going Bananas.” Come back again.”
Centre for Spiritual Living
Volunteer Appreciation Night
“Love the energy in the room. Had more fun than I was expecting to. That game idea was so much fun. I don't regret coming. Good reminders to have fun with life. Fun. Energetic. Active. This was one of the best nights I've ever experienced. Thank you for having fun with us!”
Early Childhood Resource Program and FCSS Leduc County
Staff Appreciation Night
“Robert, fabulous as always! Thanx for bringing fun, growth and team to our group. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you for taking our ground work and creating a creative way for us to bring that forward. And thanks for teaching us new ways to approach our ideas and “togetherness.”
High Clouds Incorporated
Staff Retreat
“Thank you. I enjoyed both of our fun days. It really made me think. I know we have a lot of our own ideas but we do appreciate your insights. You came across as very knowledgeable and insightful. Hope we should all take your advice. Very good at hearing what people are saying.”
Barrhead Alberta Distance Learning Centre
Team Building
“Fun. Cheery. Colorful. Loud. Fun. Much needed burst of silliness. You have an awesome amount of energy. Good job and great at getting everyone involved. Lots of fun. Good teamwork. Love the boomwhackers. Nice contrast to the meditation session. Got my heartrate up. Lots of good ideas.”
Edmonton Public Library Wellness Program
Presentation to Branch Managers
“We professionally designed a double-sided quick print celebrating our department's Top 10 “The Greatness That Is Us” Team Success Statements and distributed it to all the staff, and throughout the office area.”
Enbridge Pipelines
Team Building Workshop
“Good job Rob! Took a bunch of doubters and turned them into believers. It's always a good thing to leave room for play in our day to day lives. This was fun (of course!) but most of all it gave us new things to try with the groups we do workshops for. Now we have to put in a huge order to Toys R Us!”
Alberta Government, Alberta Culture and Community Spirit
Staff Retreat
“This was the best team building event that I have attended. You are a great facilitator and have lots of energy. Very insightful. I think we have a lot of information to now go back and put ideas into ACTION! Concrete, constructive ways of changing the way we normally deal with events and situations.”
Alberta Health Services, Calgary Data Integration, Measurement & Reporting
Staff Team Building
“We put in place a “Smile Committee” which in part will plan out our staff meetings for the year including our actions from our totally awesome Team Building Workshop with Rob.”
St. Albert Day Care Society
Team Building Workshop
“Lots of fun! Had no idea what to expect. Began to feel part of the fun. Brings out the inner fun within ourselves and gave us insights into the lives of our co-workers. Fun team building. Lots of laughs and lots of great ideas. Thank you Robert!”
Vulcan Family and Community Support Services
Administrative Professionals Day