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Creating Engaged Teams

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Now is the right time! During these tough economic times and the downturn in the economy, Team Engagement matters! It's an optimistic approach that ensures your team is on the same page, pulling in the same direction, while gearing up now and for the future.

-Robert Manolson

Welcome to the official website of Powerful Play Experiences. Creating Engaged Teams. Did our video catch your eye? And did you find us on Google? Or did somebody refer Powerful Play Experiences to you directly?

Creating Engaged Teams through your next special event is what we do best. This defines our business.

  • Business Meetings
  • Team Building
  • Training Sessions
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Staff Retreats & Picnics
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Lunch 'n Learns
  • Appreciation Events
  • Kick-Off to Events


Your investment in Team Engagement begins right now! And, your investment really matters.

Recent research clearly indicates that creating a culture of Team Engagement impacts the bottom line and empowers teams to higher performance levels.

Is your organization taking the necessary steps to impact it's bottom line and team performance by fully integrating Team Engagement into it's daily HR Best Practices?


Having An Engaged Team Is Always Better Than Not Having One. Here's Why!

Happy At Work, laughing together, engaging smiles, passion and good energy, supporting and being supported, personal cheers; these shared experiences strengthen the shift from “Me To We”, from work in isolation to Work In Collaboration. Don't be surprised if this culminates in everyone doing their best work for their clients. And because of this shift, the capacity to Cultivate Empathy, rely on each other and back each other up is authentic between all team members. Everybody shows up ready to give their best day every day, committed to the company's work and values, and committed to Team Success!


Expect These Benefits & Results!




Fun At Work

Happy At Work.

Show your team members how important they are. Value Happy At Work. Break down barriers and silos while proactively building Happy into your workplace culture.

  • Elevate workplace wellness levels and a commitment to a healthy "Work/Happy & Engaged Team" balance.
  • De-stress a hectic work environment while keeping team productivity levels up.
  • Regenerate and rebuild motivation and energy to complete the next big task.

Work In Collaboration.

The goal is to not just get everyone happy to be where they are but also pulling in the same direction. Ultimately, this benefits the team, your services, and your clients.

  • Strengthen team chemistry as team members attain goals based on similar values.
  • Accept the uniqueness of each team member and share in decision making.
  • Engage everyone's unique expertise for even more team success.

Cultivate Empathy.

Empathy is not just a demonstration that you understand others but a heartfelt “I Care!!” attitude demonstrated by all team members.

  • We give attention to what other people have to say.
  • We continuously remind our team members how important their expertise truly is.
  • We listen.


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Team Development

Employee Communication & Engagement

Staff Recognition & Appreciation



Is your business dealing with organizational change? Be proactive just like this team of professionals. In this 3 hour workshop experience, their intention is clear. Ensure everyone continues to be fully motivated, engaged, and on the same page as to their definition of Team Success.


Next up, a 1.5 day Team Engagement Retreat. Multiple activities were planned to challenge everyone's interest and commitment to their work and to the organization. Their belief? When teams are better performers and happy in their working relationships, open communication will prevail.


In this 1 Day Team Time Out from the daily world of work stressors, time was reserved to re-energize and to give and receive recognition & appreciation. Sometimes we need to say “Thanks! Great Job!”. Question: What are your high value, low cost recognition & appreciation techniques and tools?