Simply Living Meets Fun At Work In Jasper, Alberta

Just this past weekend (September 30 – October 1), I had the luxury of meeting Robert and only a few short moments into speaking, the ideas began flooding back and forth across the cozy office of Alpine Village Cabin Resort, Jasper, Alberta. I instantly took interest as he began to explain his line of work. It’s certainly a concept most people would call crazy or merely impossible, and yet it was always something about which I dreamed. Could we really have fun at work? And what does this idea look like or even mean for me?

The fortunate part for me is that I have already decided it was time to look forward to every new work day, and to figure out what it truly meant for my life to spend those eight working hours of my day completely happy and having fun. And after a few unexpected life events and one brave decision, I had packed my bags and embarked on a two day, 14 hour bus ride, to begin a mission to find exactly that.

My new mission in life was to say yes to more of what scared me, to challenge some fears and most importantly to find a way to have more with less (I did just take off across the country with only my suitcase after all). To different people this could mean an assortment of things, but for me it was easily categorized under the umbrella of “Simply Living”.

Simplifying my life wasn’t only about learning to live with less materialistic things; my longing for simplicity went deeper than that - to re-discover what truly made my soul happy. I wondered how in the world I ever managed to accumulate so much stuff in the first place (and I’m not talking knickknacks and dust collectors, although there were plenty of those now packed away in boxes)! I’m talking about the never ending to-do lists, the inbox full of emails, the contact list of people I never planned on reaching out to, the endless boards of ideas on Pinterest, the nonstop planning of events I don’t feel passionate about, and the mere chaos that had now become my life.

By now you’re probably wondering how any of this has to do with having fun at work, and it's impact or value toward my new goal of Simply Living. To break it down, there are 24 hours in a day, and it's said that I should be spending eight of those hours sleeping (I’m still working on this one), which leaves just 16 hours of my day remaining.


Of those 16 hours, I am now going to spend eight of them (half my day) working. I would say to imagine spending half of your day miserable and unhappy, but the cold hard truth is a lot of us already do! If you ask why this is so, well I’m still trying to figure that one out for myself. But I decided to not be part of this statistic, and if I was going to take this new venture of Simply Living seriously, I was going to have to commit entirely.

So, there I was with more time to myself than I’d ever imagined, on an empty bus from Northern Ontario to the country’s largest National Park, ready to chase my dream of a simpler life. From things to relationships, jobs and daily living, it was time to commit to only what added value to my existence on this planet. I was about to learn how satisfying it is to say no to what didn’t light my fire, but in the same breath to say yes to what could teach, scare, challenge or help me grow.


I was on the pursuit of happiness, and spending eight hours a day loving my job, feeling appreciated, having room for personal and professional growth, while having fun at work which would certainly add a great deal of much needed value to my life.


Jessica Theresa, Simply Living Expert & Valued Team Member, Alpine Village Cabin Resort, Jasper, Alberta



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