Robert Manolson BA, CCDP

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Certified Career Development Professional
Member of The Career Development Association of Alberta

BA Degree, Recreation & Leisure
Diploma, Community Recreation Leadership


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A client recently said to me, “We have had a total change of priorities here at work leading to little or no resources for team initiatives. In essence, a huge change of priority as to how resources are allocated.”

I quickly cleared my head of all distracting thoughts, got focused and delivered this poignant response. “I understand!! Team initiatives really don't stand a chance when there is work to be done and a change in business priority IS the priority. But let's be perfectly real here!! Your best work will never be done if your team isn’t engaged, isn't happy at work and isn't building team success.” The client pondered, but not for long and then immediately re-booked Powerful Play Experiences.

You want your team to be the best team possible. You want every member of your team to feel valued, respected, and intrinsically connected to their work, and happy. You want your organization to be successful and you want to contribute to it's success.

And you're prepared to step up and allocate some resources for your team. Contact me today!



I get it! I'm not going to pull back. I'll continue to deal with our ongoing changes and uncertainties but also place high priority on ensuring that everyone is happy to be where they are, working in collaboration and respecting all the different personalities in our workplace. This is what keeps us moving forward in a positive direction.

-Kari G. Client, Government of Alberta