Robert Manolson BA, CCDP

12 years of Powerful Play Experiences Badge

Certified Career Development Professional

Member Career Development Association of Alberta

BA Degree, Recreation & Leisure
Diploma, Community Recreation Leadership

Team Engagement Expert

Mental Health Champion



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A journey of lifelong LEADERSHIP has resulted in amazing opportunities to pursue my rich passion in challenging workplace teams, career planners, and entrepreneurs to create new possibilities in work and in life.


Check out the video right here. "What Leaders Need To Do"


Identifying what I love to do. Learning how to do it. Living my values. Sharing my experiences. These are some of the things I can count on as my journey continues to unfold. Is this my particular road map for life success?


The process of navigating through life is a challenge but it's much more fun when I follow my heart, be original, be authentic, and take risks.

Powerful Play Experiences as a Team Building & Fun At Work Business is simply an expression of my value in maintaining positive mental health at work. And maintaining positive mental health at work holds top priority due to my own lived experiences with managing a number of mental health related issues in my adult life. 

But I work through it. And I play through it. And as your Team Engagement Expert & Mental Health Champion, I've loved sharing my Workshop Experiences with you for over 11 years now.


                                                                                         One of 13 Factors that support Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.