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Defining Your Communication Best Practices... At Work!!

100% of workplace Teams surveyed believe that people bring different styles of communication to work. But they also believe that everyone still is expected to engage one another in a manner that is representative of their Communication Best Practices… At Work!! Has everyone on your Team agreed upon, written down and successfully implemented their Communication Best Practices? Strive for positive mental health at work through respectful communication especially when frustrations begin to mount due to ongoing changes in the workplace.

Thanks! Great Job!

Rally your Team for another well-deserved time away from the daily grind. Step back from your jobs. Set aside quality time together for a much needed TEAM APPRECIATION & RECOGNITION opportunity. Let’s share high value appreciation with one another that honours the amazing skills and talents that everyone contributes to the Team. Personal cheers, smiles, laughter and fun are abundant during this positive mental health workshop experience.

Are You Self-Care Aware?

How often do you feel challenged to give yourself permission for Self-Care in today’s always busy, always stressful world of work? Let’s reset the myth that Self-Care doesn’t stand a chance when there’s so much work to be done! Self-Care is everybody’s job today! It nurtures our daily mental health. Let’s move forward with new intentions and a totally fresh perspective. Let’s start now. Are You Self-Care Aware?


Powerful Play Experiences, Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams is a proud Member of Wellness Works Canada. And, we’re quite excited and honored to have Victoria Grainger, MBA, BPE, Founder & CEO of Wellness Works Canada offer an amazing Workshop Experience.

Creating a Culture of Well-Being and The Positive Impact on Performance

  • Healthy people and organizations boost productivity and performance. Learn about the direct connection between well-being, productivity and performance in the workplace through evidence based research.
  • Advocate for the profound impact well-being has on productivity and performance. Understand your role in building a healthy, high performing work culture.
  • Walk away with very practical tips to support well-being and productivity in your workplace and beyond.

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