Team Development Workshops

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Team Engagement Assessment




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Team Connections

Because each and every one of you give so much of yourself to your work, to one another, and to your clients, this constant busyness confirms the importance of creating time to step back together as a Team. Join Robert Manolson, Powerful Play Experiences Creator & Facilitator for an amazing Workshop Experience that's really all about ensuring everyone is on the same page as a Team. Come together. Re-energize. Set in motion meaningful connections. See you at this Workshop Experience.


Team Appreciation

This Workshop Experience is your Team Appreciation & Recognition opportunity. High value appreciation that honors the amazing talents and expertise that individually, each and every one of you contribute to the Team. And ultimately results in plenty of Team Success. Step back from your jobs. Reflect on your working relationships. Give and receive authentic appreciation and recognition. I'll see you at this Workshop Experience.


Team Communication

Let's rally your Team for much deserved time away from the daily grind and a well deserved time out from your workplace. Let's also set aside time together for forward thinking by defining and elevating everyone's commitment to meaningful Team Communication. Establishing new and more effective ways of working and communicating together as a team ultimately impacts everyone's working relationships in a most positive way.


Team Mental Health Break

"Our staff identified that it was time to pull back and take a much needed mental health break from the demanding workload, and the available time pressures to get things completed. We met with Robert. He asked those tough questions that we needed to hear. The result was a wonderful day to come together, catch our breath, re-engage and re-energize, and set in motion a positive vibe for the next big task at work." - ATCO I-Tek



Make Connections. Build Positive Relationships. Laugh At Yourself. Work and Play Together. Time Out From The World of Work. Learn From One Another. Contagious Smiles. Be Amazing. Re-Energize and Rejuvenate. Isn't it really all about a smile on everyone's faces at your next SPECIAL EVENT? Do yourself a favor. Contact Powerful Play Experiences First! We have lots to do. It'll be fun.